A patriotic salute to suds

1. It’s the Canada Day weekend, when many of us negotiate our uncomfortable relationship with patriotism, and advertisers try to tap into the national sentiment. Molson Coors Brewing Co. is hoping again to capitalize on brand Canada, releasing a YouTube video of musicians playing the anthem with bottles, caps, kegs and cases of the Canadian beer brand. It’s not exactly the Molson classic, Joe Canadian, but the use of a can to create speaker distortion is a good trick. Molson is aiming for traction online for the video before it decides whether it will run in other media, such as a TV spot. The video was shown on Thursday at an Olympic block party in the square outside of Air Canada Centre in Toronto, and will be shown at a number of events and concerts this long weekend. It will also be played for the gathered Canadian ex-pats in Trafalgar Square in London, England. There is talk at Molson about how it could be further used in London during the Olympics. 2. Beer and “O Canada” – what a cliché. In May, the New York-based radio show Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen launched a project to redesign Canada, based on the idea that our image doesn’t do the country justice. It enlisted the help of Toronto agency Bruce Mau Design. (The CBC radio show Q has joined in the …..

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